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Old Poll broken (damn DA!) Hosting a Critique Workshop again this June/July... 

5 deviants said On the fence but will let you know...maybe? :squee:
3 deviants said I'm in! So in! :eager:
No deviants said Nope! All the nope! :grump:

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Tuesday, August 1st @ 3:00pm

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Massive Mega Month of Pretty Prompts Strikes Again

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 29, 2017, 1:43 AM

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"A non-judgemental, safe place where writers can submit poetry, prose, prosetry, phoetry, or anything they have written, without fear of prejudice or criticism."

Our Form Challenge Winner

Star StruckMy little human, come with me once more;
I have another world for us to explore.
This time, however, it’s galaxies away,
just step through the dimensional doorway…
I watch your eyes focus intently on mine,
uncertainty abound, but you cross the line.
Through the gateway of rippling energy,
you timidly step through, reaching for me.
With a smile, I grasp your outstretched hand,
drawing you close, side by side we stand.
Whispering softly, I draw your gaze forward
and to the vast landscape that I point toward.
The cosmic city rises against a backdrop of mountains,
where between constructs flow luscious water fountains.
Wide with wonder, I watch your eyes roam;
this, my darling, is the world I call home.
Networks of metallic buildings reach to the sky
while many intricate hovercrafts zip on by.
You wholly enraptured by the futuristic scene,
I pull you forward, for there’s much to be seen.
Moving through the others, curious eyes fall on you
as I lead you to my hoverpad, roo

By OneWithTheStars
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Welcome to

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That's Right, The

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What Is It? Why Is It Soopah?

Similar to Prose-ject 's self-titled prompt month of June (I borrowed the idea from here) My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink will be having a Massive Mega Month of Pretty Prompts (MoP for short). What happens I hear you ask? Well, here's the scoop dawg.
:bulletred: Each day for the month of July (though probably posted all at once or weekly because I'm lazy and working) you will get a selection of prompts. This can include all or any of the following:
:bulletorange: Music/YouTube Videos
:bulletyellow: Words or Phrases
:bulletgreen: DA Images (like photographs/photo manipulations/drawings)
:bulletblue: A Poem/Story from a DA Writer
:bulletpurple: A Quote

:bulletpink: You will have to write at least one poem based on any of the prompts.
:bulletblack: You can use multiple prompts in one poem. You can write more than one poem. It must be a poem.

The Rules/Things That Go Bump in the Night

:bulletred: Submissions must be poetry
:bulletorange: Submissions must go to This Pretty Folder Here, which will only open for submissions in July to stop early birds.
:bulletyellow: Mature content is allowed, though keep it minimal
:bulletgreen: Poems must be written on one or more of the prompts
:bulletblue: Credit must be given to the artist, where applicable
:bulletpurple: Artist's comments must include:
:bulletpink: A link to the prompt journal, which will probably be this journal edited
:bulletblack: The prompt used (quote/song/video/word/phrase/image/poem/story)
:bulletpink: A link to the prompt used (if applicable) giving credit to the artist

:bulletpurple: Try to stick to the timeline (July 1 - August 1 (GMT +2))
:bulletblue: Folder will open sometime on July 1 and close August 1st sometime (GMT +2)

So, are we doing this? YES! We are and we can and we will and all that Jazzy stuff.

What Can You Do To Help?

:bulletred: Blog about it in your journals/status updates/tweets
:bulletorange: Sharpen your pencils, fill your fountain pens, practice typing up hand-written notes
:bulletyellow: Seriously, tell people - challenges only work if you join in and people know about them

The Prompts

July 1st

Do you really think it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations which it requires strength, strength and courage to yield to. Oscar Wilde

Temptation by destroyer971

Walking TemptationHe was a mystery to her.
A catastrophe waiting to happen.
He was a siren's song.
And she was a naive sailor.
She was innocent but,
hungry for passion.
He was a walking temptation.

tea, temptress, wicked

July 2nd

Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. Rainer Maria Rilke

Holy Diver by slshimerdla

DragonsMagnificent beasts with breath of fire,
With gilded scales of silver and gold
Spiralling across the azure blue sky,
Filling the pages of great legends untold.
Where did they come from?
Where did they go?
Questions to answers,
Which no one seems to know.
Beautiful and gentle,
As much as a flower
They soon disappeared,
Due to man's lust for power
Only those now
As great as sages
None can truly find a dragon,
In these dark modern ages
Once these creatures
Were protectors of us all
Sheltering great civilisations
Until vanished, failing us to fall.
Everyone I know
Is a dragon you see.
If I look out for you,
You’ll look out for me.
Dragons will be with us, now and forever
In flesh or memory, through the reach of time
Yet there is one thing for me, hidden in my heart,
That knowledge is priceless, beyond the mere dime

feather, scales, breathing

July 3rd

No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky. Bob Dylan

Birds by crowsong

birdcageThere’s a robin in the cage
who makes sure my blood is red;
because I cannot survive on my
own, he takes care of me,
I often worry that these wide-
set bars of bone will not be
enough to protect him
when he flutters in the wake
of your passing.

claw, wings, weather

July 4th

To learn patience is not to rebel against every hardship. Henri Nouwen

Rebel without a cause... by cricketumpire

you called me last night
a poem on the edges of your lips
something you wanted to press against me
like an imprint.
it was a poem
about a monster
and a small girl screaming for help
but no-one knew
whether she was calling
on the behalf
or because of
the monster.
you said, softly and solemnly
that you'd never considered
so many possibilities.
i laughed and said i believed in all three
isn't that a contradiction, you asked,
and i just held the phone
wanting to scream out a no
but not daring.
the next day my parents sit me down
at the dinner table
to discuss my future.
do i want to be a mathematician
or a poet?
they leave the question hanging
like a loose thread on a slashed silk duppatta,
or a scarlet parasol
caught between the branches of an oak tree
choose, they say
what will you pursue
or literature?
i stare at the floor
wanting to scream out both
but not daring.
i'm surprised
when it rains through summer
i want to call the weather forecast man

tail, fish, swim

July 5th

But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Ch. 1) by steamey

Snape's Final Time With Lily"Eight minutes," muttered Snape to himself. "I only have eight minutes to see her."
He was back in Spinner's End, in the grey gloom of the house where he grew up, five blocks away from where Lily Evans lived. But tomorrow, she would be Lily Potter.
Snape burst out of his house, running down the familiar streets of his childhood. They had not spoken to each other since they were both fifteen, but childhood instinct guided him to where Lily would be tonight. It was where she thirstily drank his knowledge of wands and dementors and wanted to learn more about her magical abilities. It was where they had spent long summer days together, leaning against each other's shoulders in the cool emerald shade of the trees as they watched the sun glisten upon the sapphire river. It was where, at age thirteen, she confided that if she were ever to be married, she would want to stand here alone the night before her wedding, dressed in her wedding gown. His heart was no master of Occlumens; its thumping

witch, wizard, wand

July 6th

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. Robert A. Heinlein

Something dark by Avenila

Cat LadyWhen I grow old
she said
I will be the crazy cat lady
all the neighbors talk about.
I will dwell
in a house of sycamore
and live off taffy and gin,
and paint my ceilings yellow.
I will dangle carrots
off the clothesline
and only bathe on Sundays.
I will keep 47 cats
(or maybe 63)
and give them names
like Cumberbund and Camembert
and let them sleep in the kitchen sink
where they can dream of midnight raids
on the pantry-
of sardines poached in pepper sauce
and mocking bird and beetle pie
and we will fish off the crumbling pier.
I will tie bells to their tails
to warn the birds
they are invited for a meal
and watch them flying over
the horizon,
their wings a tell tale
sigh of autumn weather.
And at night we will curl
up on the porch
fur bristling under blankets
and October's jumbled moon
to dream of chasing
mice among the rafters.

wag, fur, almond

July 7th

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. Henry Ward Beecher

Reflection by AnnMarieBone

Human Nature    When you are young,
they will treat you with the softness of spring.
They will guide you through the winter winds and
over snowy hills, admiring the brilliance of your
midday innocence; pulling daisies from the earth
just to place them in your hair. And they will
whisper to each other of how beautiful you are.
    When you grow older,
they will treat you with the indifferences of autumn.
They will urge you from the complacency of your own
fleeting fulfillments, and they will watch your
brilliance fade with the swiftness of the sky. You
will shed your fragile childhood with the colors of
the trees, and you will learn to face the winter winds
without their guiding arms. And they will whisper to
each other of how beautiful you are.
    When you are grown,
they will treat you with the coldness of winter. They
will leave you bare and naked before the ravenous wolves,
expecting you to fend for your own forgotten brilliance,
asking why you've kept those wilting daisies in your hair.

brush, canvas, watercolour

July 8th

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius. Pietro Aretino

Charred Snowman by kalicothekat

How We Killed Winter.Well, we stuffed him with food until he died happy and very, very full.
 Did you expect that we talked him to death? Or that we bored him out with stories about your Auntie Josephine to the point he shot himself in the head? Tsk, boy, don’t give me those puppy eyes; you're so naive sometimes.
Yes, we all loved Winter when he came home for the first time; gently carried in your momma's arms; his tiny little limbs, those cute blurb sounds he made...everyone was so attached to the little rascal. Oi, if you start crying now I am not going to finish. I know you loved him dearly, but I'll be damned! The minute he entered the house, bad luck started. First your grandma lost her teeth, then broke her hip, afterwards your momma started burning food despite being the best cook in the county and then you started stuttering like there's no tomorrow. If that's not bad luck, I dunno what it is.
Everything was Winter's fault. That's when we started trying to get rid of him, but he was the

wind, sleet, frozen

July 9th

The violinist is that peculiarly human phenomenon distilled to a rare potency - half tiger, half poet. Yehudi Menuhin

Fractalius. Tiger. by AIvett

unfortunately we arehumans demons placed in the sweet lips of life by luck
they pluck the borning stars out from their cribs
to suck their hope until turn them into ashes
They live between mirages turning their delight into filth
that who they idolize with greed and see blindly perfect
Dragons from the abyss defecating lava until they consume themselves
drowned in the cold sea of ignorance
Love the shell and dispatch the fruit
they sentence their people masked with white darkness
just for being of another flavor
they name themselves as tutors of gaea as if they breastfeed her with wisdom
when they have only raped and filled her with filth
They create stars in the earth
but they darken them skes with the fog of their pride
The light won't heal this corrupt beast of a thousand heads wothout face
who's heart just will be opened with the sharp edge of death
We must stop this dictator before he ends of consume this world who never seen hes petals
A world that he wants to purify with torns of fire

orange, black, power

July 10th

The earth laughs in flowers. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Windmaker by Gejda

20 flowers20 flowers
20 flowers on your tomb
20 years
Where you left?
Not even a goodbye
All you left for me are 20 flowers piercing my skin
Everything's so empty now
Your painting room feels so lonely
These pastels on the walls aren't as colorful as everyday
And i'm sure
They want to cry too
Do you even know
How much i miss you since you left
I see you everywhere i go
In every window i pass by
Standing right next to me
Where's that laugh that keep filling the emptiness
Where's that smile that keep brightening the colors
Now i'm standing all alone
Was your room this grey before?
20 flowers
20 flowers on your tomb
20 years
Where you left without saying goodbye
Did you even care about me
All you left behind are 20 flowers piercing my skin

petal, stigma, pollen

July 11th

This pear, is so delicious... Falric

Tyrande by Aoer

PVPI saw you there, holding that flag
DPS and heals, all goin mad
You thought you were cool you though you were fly
Until I decided that you needed to die
So I stealthed around, prowling tight
Im not going down without a fight
I pounced on you, but you turned away
Looking at me like I was some kind of stray
You popped your bubble even at 100% health
And did a little jig like you had the wealth
My buddies were gone, helpers were missing
Thats when you did the slash emote and started dissing
Now this here, pissed me off
You laughed so hard you started to cough
I went into bear and popped Beserk
Now you'll see how I can be a jerk
You yelled to your comrades, something like 'KAGH!'
But then all of the sudden you got a strike of lag
I went all furious, mangled-spammed
Your screen was all blurry, damn damn damn
Once the lag was gone, you can clearly see
How a pro t-bags, just like me
The flag had dropped just as I right clicked
Your Insigna is mine! You little prick.
Do you feel that hurt, that

elf, healer, tank

July 12th

I don't think you can in any way export culture with guns or tanks. Bernardo Bertolucci

Besiege (Solomon MkVI Green Heart) by dabigboss888

My Other NameMy Other Name
Sometimes it is to set out forks
           beside each plate,
                                       or folding shirts first,
                         dryer hot in the A.M.
Less often, thirsty from cutting trees
    back away from the roof edge,

army, soldier, guard

July 13th

Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting. Dave Barry

abisal fish by IgnasiTP

The Mermaid (1)    I wanted to go to a laser tag arena... but noooo, because I'm the only boy in our family, that was not an option. Instead, we ended up going to a stupid aquarium. The ride there was bad enough, once we were there my sisters (one was a year older than me, the other was younger) would not stop jabbering off about every single fish.
    We explored around a bit more, and we got to a viewing dock, were employees were feeding dolphins. "Hey sis!" I yelled to my older sister. She came over and looked in amazement at the dolphins. While she was tipping slightly over the viewing dock rope, I shoved her as hard as I could, and she fell three feet into the dolphin tank.
    "Ahhhhhhh!" She screamed, "Help me! I'm going to be eaten!!!" I rolled my eyes as all the employees and emergency crew jumped into the water, and pulled her out, sopping wet and her attitude was no less damp. "You freaking MONSTER!" She screamed at me. My mom glared at me darkly. The trip to

scale, sink, submerge

July 14th

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail. Kinky Friedman

Dog portrait by maryquiZe

Dog Diary - Entries 1-7Entry #1
  I've been captured by the Twoleg Catchers. Their stupid metal monsters are freaking terrifying. For now, I've been confined in a small, cold cell in the belly of the Catcher's monster. My neck hurts. Stupid collar... I just hope they treat me better than my master had before I ran away.
Entry #2
  I'm out of the monster, but unfortunately my new cell is even worse. Twolegs are constantly staring at me, and either talking in a condescending tone, or ordering me to do things I don't wanna do. And they have the nerve to call me a bad dog for not obeying them! Who gave twolegs the right to order dogs around?
Entry #3
  A pair of twolegs appears to  be very interested in me. They asked the Holders a lot of questions about me, "What breed is she?" "Is she friendly?" "What's her name?" "Has she gotten her shots?". I don't know or care why they want to know about my name or breed or how friendly I am, but that last question scared me. I've gotten my shots, but th

ride, fart, eat

July 15th

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. Arthur Ashe

The way home by aproman11

Lifelong JourneyI sit alone, invisible on this chair
With speckles of dust in the air
Never knew which career I care
As I start to stare
To the teachers that others say they were teaching hazy,
Teaching struglers, hotshots, and the lazy
That inspires our mind not to feel weary
When the exams came and we felt uneasy
To this librarian that blocks conversations
Blocks noises from students to make accommodations
Allows me to focus on the book I'm writing
'bout the story of mine that is still ongoing
The story of mine that is about to unfold
Never bother worrying for it to be told
And I know my future can't be bought or sold
So I must face my future brave and bold
I sit alone, with this desk of deep thought
Not worrying 'bout the dream I sought
Just using the knowledge and the power I caught
For this journey that forever will be fought.

walk, travel, stagger

July 16th

It's about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world. Diana Prince

Adriana Lima as Wonder Woman by theuniqueadrianalima

Sioux Woman WarriorBoxer woman
Builder of the body
Baby back at home – crying
You think of her
In the breath-spaces before
The fight begins
"I see my daughter in my mind when they call my name.
Her face looking at me - and I know she's the one
who brought me there. I fight for her"

Warrior woman
Working to win
With body bruised
Long braids
Behind you
In the wake of your back
Like a river of black
Flowing in the wind that
Your body has created
Bending like poetry
Head drops with knees bent
As your gloved-fist curls back
A Sitting Bull warrior  
You sing like an
American dreamer  
Wondering what
Your future life
Will do to you
"I'm gonna work harder, practice day and night
Just put my mind and heart to it. If I really want something
I'm gonna get it done."

truth, justice, mercy

July 17th

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Bros by ggns

A Big Misunderstanding                “No!” Derik moaned in annoyance. “We. Want. A. Potion. To. Make. Us. Strong.” Derik made sure to enunciate every syllable to make sure the Asian store keeper understood him.
                The store keeper merely smiled and pulled out a tray with a kettle and tea. He then uttered a few sentences in a language the teenager didn’t recognize.
                “No! I don’t want your damn tea! I want to be the best, most handsome wrestler!” Derik shoed the tea the man offered away.
                “There’s no reason to be rude just because he can’t understand you,” Zander tried to calm his friend down.

together, apart, understanding

July 18th

I like being a villain. Villains are more exciting. Judd Nelson

Dementia - Villainous by bianlu42

Pendryg Stories - The Fall Out (part 1)Teddy “Henny” Hennington was still furious about Luna being sharp with him at the party, and it was fairly clear that he blamed Rob for it. And possibly for the scandal that had apparently come about in the vanishing of Liam Quigley, who had. Quigley himself was the subject of no small amount of gossip and embarrassed fury from the people he had apparently convinced to invest in him and his properties.
He wasn’t sure what rankled more, the feeling of his hard re-claimed place in society slipping out from under him between Luna and Quigley, or Quigley snidely accusing him of being ‘playing at’ being a Woodwife.
As though he’d hired someone on to make his coat, or bleached the white into his hair with the linens. Bastard.
He was quite fond of Luna as a Woodwife, but she barged through delicate situations like a bull, and he was currently, unreasonably feeling a bit resentful of picking up the pieces, trying to explain that she just had no patience for

sword, snake, simple

July 19th

Close your mouth please, Michael. We are not a codfish. Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins by scarlet-moon1

Mary Poppins, I feel for you
You came in their life when they were sad
After just a little while everyone was glad
Everyone was happy by the end of the day
You're job was done, you went away
Mary Poppins,
I feel for you
Everyone was happy everywhere around you
The children, the dad, even the maids too
The only one that wasn't was...guess who
Yes, just one was unhappy.. it was you
Mary Poppins,
I feel for you
You made them all happy in so little time
But when they were, you were still not fine
When you were leaving, they were too happy to realize
When you were gone, they just thought they'd fantasized
Mary Popins,
I feel for you
When you were leaving, no one seemed to care
When you stepped out the door, nobody was there
Nobody stopped you from leaving them forever
And they didn't care you wouldn't be together
Mary Poppins,
I feel for you
And nobody saw the pain in your eyes,
Your sad smile at the end when you realized
That nobody cared if you were there or not
And nobody cared that you loved them a lot
Mary Poppins

umbrella, sugar, chimney

July 20th

Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. Charlie Chaplin

Potpourri by relhom

Chapter 3 A Lion Guard- CommissionOverall, the fight was a quick one and fairly onesided without Scar's lionesses to aid the hyenas.
Simba took off after Scar, Sora helped the lionesses chase off the hyenas, and before anybody knew it the false king was falling into the flames below Priderock. His hyenas none too fond of Scar's quick betrayal, trying to blame them instead of owning up to his plots, his murder.
And then it was over, the wildfire started by a chance lightning strike during the battle was put out thanks to a much needed rainstorm, and Simba was King again.
Simba greeted his pride in the fresh rainfall, finally getting to see his mother again for the first time since the day his father died. One by one, his friends pointed the new King towards the peak of Priderock to officially reclaim the throne.
The roar of the rightful ruler and his pride could be heard for miles, Sora joining along, proud of his friend. The roars of the many lions continued even after the King had stopped, signaling their approval, bu

short, tall, medium

July 21st

So Mother, earlier I was saying tomorrow is a really big day, and you didn't really respond, so I'm just gonna tell you: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Tada! Rapunzel
No no no, can't be. I distinctly remember, your birthday was last year. Mother Gothel
That's the funny thing about birthdays, they're kind of an annual thing. Rapunzel

Rapunzel by Awilynen

A Science Fiction Take on Rapunzel's Hair?
So while back I watched a video by LavenderTowne on youtube where she did a redesign of Rapunzel from Tangled. She took a modern look and played a bit of the lore in the movie to create the design from a conceptually accurate level.
Later on, I was throwing stupid ideas around in my head, as I always do to keep my sanity. And a Rapunzel redesign using my styles and concepts crossed somewhere in there. The thing I wanted to resolve first was the hair. I haven't taken the time to work anything else but I wanted the hair to hold to the lore but also work on a technical level with what I might do.
Rapunzel's hair is a bright gold color unless it's cut, then it turns brown. While it is gold, if you sing to it, the strands begin glowing and have the power to heal and sustain. Given that my strong suits are in science fiction the fantasy aspect would've been a bit of an oddity.My biggest hitters are biology, physics, chemistry, and technology.
After a bit of thinking, this is what I had for a

long, tangled, light

July 22nd

If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it. Cogsworth

Be my Valentine by artbyklaudiajozwiak

Beauty and the Beast: The Wrath of Forte Ch 8
-Welcome Home-
"Then what happened?" said Adam, eager to hear more of the story. Piano shook her head and said, "I've said enough for now. Time is of the essence, and you need to save him. As for the story, he mostly spent his time since then going to the chapel to practice. Every time he would go outside, he'd get picked on, and he would ignore them. He had developed a nasty habit of bottling things up until he couldn't handle it anymore, which is what happened one day. All the other kids were afraid of him at that point. In fact, it was one of the reasons we moved to France." Prince Adam and Princess Belle shifted slightly. "I fear this may also be the reason for his rage, but it seems persistent this time. This enchantment will do the trick." Piano turned around to the table and began enchanting a bland clay jar with a separate lid. She waves her hands, and it glowed a bright blue hue, lifting into the air before falling back down gently with a new imprinted design on it. It depicte

beast, beautician, magic

July 23rd

Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship. Benjamin Franklin

Tall ship on the ocean by KKIIRRBBYY173

Shrouds for a ship.The ship, and nearly all her crew and passengers with her, were lost on the 22nd of May. On the 24th, Dorothy started making model boats.
Her fingers hurt a little, of course. Red, cold, and sometimes even damp, they caught on the makeshift sails and left unsightly blotches on the hulls. The hulls were one of the hardest bits. Hours were consumed by the whittling and painting and drying. The rigging was even worse; the threading she used was almost impossible to keep a tight grip upon, and the variations of beige and brown and black meant they often vanished entirely if dropped to the dirt floor. As for the masts, these took an enormous amount of time to shape and it was even worse to find them in good condition. Shorter than her forefinger, only an uncommon patience and a sort of determination (which felt out of place in her own body) kept Dorothy working at the masts so late into the night. The finished product, although, made the entire labour seem somewhat more worthwhile.

mast, port, ocean

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Outcast GospelFreshly disowned in some frozen devotion, I prayed my mind.
Mustering some tender charm, not a trace of me would argue
about what my hands and my body done.
No tired sighs, no rolling eyes, no irony,
no better version of me I could pretend to be tonight.
In some sad way I already know I walk my days on a wire.
If the heavens ever did speak, it's carried by the sneering menagerie - 
thrown here or found, to freeze or to thaw.
I knew that something would always rule me;
our teeth and lungs are lined with the scum of it.
Those who figure justice in fond memory: witness me.
I know who I am when I'm alone.
[re]actionFear paralyses the sensible
like a poison,
corrupting bloodstreams as it
spreads though veins.
It grips the nervous system
sinks in its claws,
strangles logic and
prompts that knee-jerk reaction.
Patients strike out blindly
not thinking where their punches land
or of the fallout that follows;
shaking hands and broken relationships.
The only course of treatment
is a prescription of knowledge, three times a day.
A remedy for gaps in experience.
Further doses of action and compassion to be administered as necessary.    

numbers + figures =/= everythingFor as long as I can remember
they have spoken of how the entire universe
can be simplified into equations;
e equals mc squared, pi, soh cah toa.
They speak as if the universe
is something to be solved,
not experienced.
Their equations do not factor in
human nature; how humans by and large
navigate by emotion,
not logic or proofs.
It’s an order constrained by rules
and one fundamentally flawed
when applied to anything
with a heart of its own.
When monsters roar, I roar louderThey are very clear on how I should behave.
I am to move with poise, like a tight-rope walker, and make no noise when someone plucks the line.
[they like watching me fall.]
I am to be intelligent, but not show it. They don’t like it when you’re smarter than them.
[not that it matters if I am, they won’t give me the job anyway.]
I am to entice men with my smile, but not too much. After all, whatever happens to me is my fault.
[if a man chooses me, I am to shatter at the touch but love every moment of it. If I choose a man, I’m something impure, contaminated like wastewater.]
I am to be beautiful and elegant and silent, like a poppy flower.
[but poppy flowers are the daughters of Gaia and Ares; they thrive in the dirt, and grow in the battlefields. I find joy running in mud and digging through earth; I feel alive with my hands in boxing gloves.]
So I resisted.
So they insisted.  They demanded that I be gentle, weak, f

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Name of Image A letter to YouSometimes you write of darkness
that spills from your fingertips,
As naturally as the prints
marring your hands
As if pain has become more recognizable to you
than your own fingerprints.
You say that you're unlovable.
You say that you're a disappointment.
and god knows the things you tell yourself
that no one ever hears.
And though we are just strangers,
I want to tell you that
You're Wrong.
You may call yourself Destruction,
but there's nothing wrong with rainbowed gasoline.
Without it, those scraps of metal would never find freedom on the concrete.
 And truck stops
are a driver's second home.
A place to rest their weary hearts
and find the energy to keep moving forward.
and I know, I know, I know
what it's like when Sadness becomes routine
and your hands keep shaking from the coldness inside you.
I'm not sure if the sun is shining,
But if it isn't
I'll make a canvas of the walls
to try and bring it back.
And I'm sorry if this comes out sounding awkward
(I've never been good at t
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Name of Image I Love You AnywayStop thinking you can never fail;
It deprived you of your smile.
Why is your self-esteem so frail?
What have you done that's so vile?
So you got mad at somebody;
Stop thinking you can never fail.
Emotions don't make you shoddy;
Please cast off your self-loathing veil.
You want to cry? Go ahead, wail!
Your tears have been locked up too long!
Stop thinking you can never fail!
You say it makes you weak? You're wrong!
I'm sorry. I just wish you'd see
That being human does entail
Mistake after mistake, so please
Stop thinking you can never fail. 
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Name of Image A few hundred yearsA few hundred years ago
light descended when he awoke,
the blanket of stars he uncloaked,
and his kaleidoscope of colours many adorned.
dark radiated when she was born
and he hid behind the sea as she yawned,
peeking at the constellations of her robe.
i sat by the shore,
just after he spoke goodnight
and just before she said hello.
many saw his greatness alone
and millions saw her beauty grow.
but few understood that unspoken bond.
some days felt a little longer
as he lingered around the sea
just so he could catch one glimpse.
once in a few hundred years,
where many talked about
but few has seen.
when time and space allowed
him to meet the beauty he peeked,
and her to meet the light that she needs.
he chased after her,
while she waited patiently
to feel his warmth over her iced skin.
as they embraced and kissed,
the world engulfed in darkness
with a silver line of light.
before the time ends
he held her dear for the last time,
till another few hundred years.
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Name of Image AirYou took me into your care
        How are you doing today?
            It's just like any boring day
            But the package is on its way
            Pick that up for me, kay?
        Are you eating well?
            Actually had a horrible spell
            But I'm craving some honeybell
            If you could get that, it would be swell.
        Will you be coming home late again?
            Got a meeting with the boss, Blaine
            But I have an appointment later with client Jane
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Congratulations to you all.


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